Limo Temecula (951) 425-4466

Limo Temecula (951) 425-4466Limo Temecula (951) 425-4466

Temecula, California is a beautiful paradise, lush with greenery, filled with entertainment, and excitement for all ages. Limo Temecula (951) 538-0768 Limo Temecula  provides many places to visit and events to enjoy such as learning the history of this magnificent city in our Temecula Valley Museum.  Even going shopping in the Promenade Mall, Temecula Limo Wine Tours, or even taking part in one of our season fest parades. Whatever your family is interested in, chances are there is a happening for you. One of the most visited attractions in Temecula is the Temecula Valley Wineries, a chauffeured limousine wine tour with 3,000 acres of flourishing rolling hills and vineyards, over 30 member wineries, and hundreds of award winning, savory wines. You can also partake in Temecula Limo Wine Tours of the city, courteously provided in  Affordable Limousines. Limo Temecula offers affordable prices, and luxurious limousines for your pleasure.  Its always Limo Temecula (951) 425-4466

Old Town Temecula is designed like the old country, complete with restaurants, and the first post office opened in 1859. Old Town Temecula hosts and partakes in many events such as community ice skating around the holidays, the Ralph Love Plein Festival, the Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run, and more. The Community Theater holds events such as musical theater, concerts, and all styles of dance, arts, films, and more for your enjoyment.                                      Limo Temecula (951) 425-4466  of Old Town Temecula has everything a modern town would have but with an old fashioned twist. Temecula is a beautiful city and a great place for your next vacation if you are looking for something off the beaten path.  Hot air balloon adventures, tours of wineries, parades and more are all accessible for you and your loved ones to participate in. Temecula is not considered the usual vacation spot when you visit Southern California, but it is a beautiful town full of life, relaxation, laughter, and fun. The time there may only be brief, but the memories will last a life time.Limo Temecula (951) 425-4466 Limo Temecula (951) 425-4466

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2017 Prom Limo Time

It is,   2017 PROM LIMO TIME.Prom Limo Time (951)425-4466Now is the time to reserve your 2017 prom limo in Temecula. Our fleet of limousines are ready to take you and your friends to that once in a lifetime prom event.Prom Limo Time 2017 Prom LimoWith a nice variety in our fully diversified fleet, your value is not just in our service anymore. 2017 Prom LimoProm Limo TimeAll of our prom limo packages include a uniformed chauffeur, soft drink and cider complimentary with your service.Temecula Limo Party Bus


Call us now to reserve.

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The Bride is in a Limo: Making Your Temecula Wedding

A Temecula Wedding is regarded as one of the most important events in your life, so it is just fitting that you spend it as lavishly as you can. And what is even more luxurious  than riding in a limo at that significant moment? If you live in California, finding the right place to rent a limousine is not hard, but there are some things you should consider before choosing a company .Temecula Limo Wedding

Before you dial the phone and call the nearest limousine rental service  there are a few things you need to do. First, find out which Temecula wedding limo models are suitable for a Temecula  wedding. There are many kinds of  Temecula Wedding (951)425-4466Affordable Limousines, so you cannot just choose any. Do not think that any limousine  can transform your dream wedding into reality. It is important that you become aware of the models of affordable limos  fit for that spectacular event. Limo Temecula WeddingTo help you decide, here is a rundown of models suitable for the occasion:

1. Classic Rolls Royce
Nothing beats the classic. Although a Rolls Royce is not really categorized as a stretch vehicle (it only seats 4 people), it is still one of the best choices for weddings. Besides, the bride and the groom are the only people usually expected to ride it, so it doesn’t really matter if its capacity is small.

2. Lincoln Towncar
This model is perfect for small or country-style weddings. It is relatively small (its capacity is 2-3 people), but it is enough for the bride and the groom to fit in . Also, since it is cheaper than other models, it is perfect for couples with a limited budget or for those who would like to rent more than one limo for transporting important guests to and from the reception or church.

3. Stretched Lincoln
Unlike the Towncar, this one can accommodate up to 8 people. So if you are also planning to transport your bridal entourage  the luxurious way, then this is the car to choose. Aside from this model’s large capacity, it also boasts of the many amenities that can be found in it: a mini-bar where you can put your favorite wines or other beverages, an entertainment system to provide you with the right mood for the occasion, and a mirror ceiling that lets you view the sky (perfect for a wedding on a starry night). It also has a lot of legroom, so comfort is guaranteed.

4. SUVs and Hummers
These types of limos are recommended for weddings that require traveling far or passing through rough terrain, as these models have a tough exterior.

Once you have become aware of the limo models suitable for a wedding, the next thing to do is to survey for the lowest rental costs. Since Temecula Wedding Limos are already innately luxurious, you need not spend too much on hiring one. Inquire from as many companies as possible to be able to compare prices. Some companies charge more for extra services that you can do without. Be practical. It would also be helpful to know the peak and off-peak seasons. Be aware when these seasons are in California, so that you will know the price ranges to expect. Finally, remember that having a Temecula limo on your wedding day is truly memorable, but what makes it really unforgettable is the time you will spend with people close to you and, of course, your one true love on that very special day.

Temecula Wedding Limos

(951) 425-4466

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Prom Limo Service (951) 425-4466

Prom Limo Service     (951) 425-4466

Limo Temecula has your Prom Limo Service (951) 425-4466 for that special night of yours. Our stylish variety of luxurious limousines will transport you and all your guests from your front door step to possibly dinner at your favorite restaurant. Prom Limo Service (951)425-4466Where your chauffeured limousine will wait for you to enjoy a worthy meal of you and your guests. Prom Limo Service (951) 425-4466

Your Prom Limo Service Limo Temecula   (951) 425-4466 will be waiting for you as you exit the restaurant. Just in time to get your group to your special  event on time and in style.  Your chauffeur will wait in the limousine while you go have fun. Once your festivities come to an end your stretched limousine of your choice will pick you up curbside and return you and your friends home safely and in comfort and luxury. Prom Limo Service (951) 425-4466You can now find a Prom Limo Service (951) 425-4466 in almost every city.                 Here are just a few examples. Prom Limo Service Riverside, Hemet, Fallbrook, Murrieta, Canyon Lake, Prom Limo Corona, Norco and all surrounding areas.

Prom Limo Service (951) 425-4466

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Temecula Limo Tasting Tours (951) 425-4466

 Temecula Limo  Tasting Tours  (951) 425-4466

R. Daniel Foster

“When I tell Central Coast winemakers that I’m going south to explore Temecula wines, they say, ‘Well that sucks. I’m so sorry,’ ” said Matt Kettmann, contributing editor for Wine Enthusiast Magazine, who rates central and south coast wines for the publication. “But no one ever really tries the wine.”Temecula Limo Tasting Tours

Now a core group of Limo Temecula winemakers is determined to challenge the longstanding belief that the region is only good for bachelorette limo tasting tours and subpar wine.Temecula Limo Tasting ToursTemecula Limo Service  TEMECULA LIMO TASTING TOURS    (951) 425-4466

Five wineries have joined forces to beat back the persistent jeers leveled at Limo Temecula Valley’s 33,000-acre American Viticultural Area, located about 85 miles southeast of Los Angeles.
The group has invested in a machine to carefully analyze the wines’ chemistry, uprooted old grape-growing methods in favor of ones better suited for Temecula’s terrain and are pushing for well-known wine reviewers to come try their wines — and set aside whatever prejudices they might hold.

 Temecula Valley winemaking limo tourTEMECULA LIMO TASTING TOURS

“Some of the Limo Temecula wines became known for flavors that were not all that appealing,” said James Laube, senior editor for Wine Spectator. The late Terrence Clancy, a prominent wine industry executive, “said they smelled like burning tires. A rotten vegetable cabbagey smell. They had problems with very high pHs.”

Those high pH levels are caused by Temecula’s hotter climate and drier soil, which can cause spikes related to lower acid levels — although soil science is a debated topic, and elevated pH numbers can vex other regions. Optimal acidity levels lend wine a desired crisp, tart quality.

“We weren’t getting balanced phenolic maturity to develop the flavors, so we had to hang our fruit out there much longer to get that ripeness,” said Nicholas Palumbo, owner of Temecula’s Palumbo Family Vineyards & Winery. “The wines in general were out of balance.”

Curiously, it was an insect that began to turn the region’s fortunes around. The glassy-winged sharpshooter decimated nearly 40% of Temecula’s vineyards beginning in the late 1990s. Limo Temecula at this time was already providing quality limousines throughout the Temecula Valley and entire Inland Empire since 1986.

The clear-cut devastation seemed to dictate a choice: “Winemakers had to either get out of the game, or get committed to changing it,” Palumbo said.

Winemakers began to tame the pH problem with improved farming methods: canopy management, proper vine balance and better irrigation practices. They also began planting more Italian, Rhone and Spanish varietals suited to Temecula’s Mediterranean climate.

Robert Renzoni in the barrel room at Robert Renzoni Vineyards & Winery.

Creating “wine by the numbers” also helped. Last year the Hart, Doffo, Vindemia and Palumbo wineries jointly purchased a $58,000 Oenofoss machine that analyzes wine chemistry. The microwave-size device lives at South Coast Winery & Spa where an oenologist keeps it calibrated.

“With the Napa guys, the numbers may be perfect, and the wine then comes out perfect,” said Jim Hart, whose parents, Joe and Nancy, launched Hart Winery in 1980. “Here, we have to do more work.”

That work might include such post-harvest fixes as watering the wine back to decrease sugars and acid adjustment, commonly done by winemakers.

Limo Temecula wine drinkers said they have noticed an improvement.

Sue Simmons, a retired asset manager who lives in downtown Los Angeles, recalled her reaction when friends gave her some Temecula wines about five years ago.

“Are you joking — why are you pushing this on me?” said Simmons, 65, who had tasted Temecula’s offerings in the late 1980s and found the wines “thin” with “no depth of flavor — they were not attractive.”

This time around, the wines “were just as good as anything I’ve had from Europe or Northern California,” she said.

Despite the past stigma, Temecula Valley’s terroir is generally well suited for growing grapes. Its high-angled sun is largely saved by cool coastal air drawn through mountainous gaps by low-pressure systems. The setup creates a generous temperature shift, chilling hot grapes at night. Vines are rooted in granitic, well-drained soils.

Temecula winemakers said the region has now hit a consistent quality mark, given numerous and varied awards. Boosters most often tout South Coast Winery’s “California Winery of the Year” four-time win, spanning 2008 to 2016, bestowed by the California State Fair. South Coast is Limo Temecula Valley’s second-largest producer at 65,000 cases a year.

But Laube said he is not convinced that state fair awards bestow significant legitimacy.

“The question is, does everybody get a medal? Does it mean much in Napa or in the broader wine world? I don’t think so,” he said.

Temecula Valley wines limo tasting tours have been rated, most often by Wine Enthusiast. The publication has reviewed 80 Temecula wines in the last two years with nearly half the wines receiving scores of 90 points or higher, “which is a decent showing,” Kettmann said.

In years further back, Temecula wines received “some pretty dismal scores,” he added.

Laube, who tastes about 5,000 wines a year, has not visited the region to rate the wines, which has some Temecula winemakers fuming. He said the omission was “not deliberate” and that he would visit the region soon.

“Temecula wines are mostly a local phenomenon, but the region is moving in a positive direction,” he said. “Its moment is coming.”

Even Napa limo tasting tours wasn’t always the heralded wine region it is today. It had its own moment in 1976 during the so-called Judgment of Paris, when its wines were blind tasted against French wines and, to the shock of wine snobs everywhere, bested them. Before then, Napa was largely mocked as a cheap jug wine region.

California’s $114-billion wine industry harbors an inherent pecking order among its 138 American Viticultural Areas. Stellar central coast regions (Paso Robles, Santa Barbara) were underdogs 35 years ago.

“Napa used to rip on Paso Robles,” Kettmann said. “But now Paso Robles rips on other regions. It’s a funny game.

“Actually, everyone still rips on everyone.”

Temecula’s formidable wine limo tasting  tourism engine seems especially susceptible to mockery. Serious drinkers said they abhor weekend visits to Temecula, with its jammed roads and packed tasting rooms,  Limo Temecula is your #1 Temecula Limo Service. Leave Temecula to the middlebrow folks, some sniff, to quaff their “fruit bombs.”

The region hosts 2.7 million annual visitors who spend $696 million, most of it on wine-related activities, according to Visit Temecula Valley. Although there isn’t a breakout of how much total revenue the wineries pull in, the group says that the overall tourism figure has consistently risen during the last six years.

The region saw its first winery open in 1974, though wine grapes were first planted in Temecula Valley in 1820. Today there are 42 wineries, more than a third of which opened in the last decade. And there’s still room to grow: A master plan allows for 105 wineries.      Temecula limo tasting tours, Events, concerts and a revitalized Old Town augment the scene — along with golf, hot air ballooning, weddings and Pechanga’s titanic casino. Twenty wineries have on-site restaurants, which are effectively banned in many popular California wine regions. Together, that means Temecula has been a big draw for Southern California tourists.

“Temecula is hitting on all cylinders,” said Ray Johnson, executive director of the Wine Business Institute. “And what’s wrong with giving people what they want? It’s just some of the cognoscenti who criticize the success of wine tourism.”

All of these factors help make Temecula a standout when it comes to direct wine sales in California.

Robert Renzoni of Robert Renzoni Vineyards & Winery, which produces 18,000 cases of wine each year, said he sells 300 cases a week out the tasting room door.

“When I talk numbers with winemakers from up north, their jaws hit the floor,” he said.

That’s great for the bottom line, but means that Temecula wines remain undiscovered for many oenophiles.

“Everyone bags on Temecula, but no one ever tries their wine,” Kettmann said, “because a lot of it never leaves Temecula.”

As for his expert opinion?

“Temecula is pretty hit and miss,” he said. “Some wines are solid, and some are as bad as you’ll find in any region

An earlier version of this article stated that South Coast is Temecula Valley’s largest producer at 50,000 cases a year; it is the second largest producer at 65,000 cases a year.

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Limo Temecula Wine Limousine

Temecula Wine Limousine

Limo Temecula is home to over twenty-five wineries that produce highly celebrated wines. Wine-growing craft was introduced in this region in 1820, and California is considered as one of the makers of ‘New World Wine’—a term for wine produced outside the traditional European cluster. The West Coast is the greatest producer of wines in all of the United States, almost ninety percent, followed by Washington, New York and Oregon.

Guests are treated to an informative and highly entertaining sally around the property. The host is usually a member of the plantation family, or a hired agriculturist and wine enthusiast—who have dedicated their time to the cultivation and advancement of their trade.

The excursion usually begins with a visit to the vineyard, a brief discussion would ensue, about the basics of farming and the characteristics of a healthy grape field. You will then be brought into the warehouse where barrels of carefully aged wine are kept until it is deemed best for consumption.

Some larger wineries also keep a laboratory, a bottling line and tank farms.

Wine tasting is the highlight of the tour, it is held daily and takes place after an exploration of the establishment. Tasting rooms are provided exclusively for this purpose. These architecturally rich chambers are designed to complement the entire wine experience.

Both vintage and much awarded wines are served for you to sample and enjoy. The in-house sommelier will guide your palates through the exquisiteness of wine drinking. It is possible to hop from one wine-tasting session to another; be careful, though, with the alcohol intake.

The wineries own and operate their own restaurants and gift shops, where you can purchase bottles of the wine earlier sampled. The restaurants are as exquisite as the wines they serve, and the food is delectable. There is an abundance of cuisine concepts to choose from because Temecula has over 50 fine and casual dining restaurants.

Inns and lodging houses are also available if you would prefer to stay for the morning’s hot air balloon activity. Hot air balloon flights are always scheduled at sunrise and run for a couple of hours. This is the best opportunity to admire the vastness of the vineyards that produce the best liquid treasure.

A Limo Temecula wine Limousine has to be the most romantic and refreshing excursion; where else would you best experience wine-tasting, but from the viticulture area itself.

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Affordable Limousines

Affordable Limousines Network has all your Riverside Limo|Limo Temecula wine tasting tours, Winery Wedding Package Specials, concert limo events, birthdays, anniversaries, prom limo services, graduations, retirements, airport transfers, point to point, hourly rates, corporate discounts, tourists attractions,  Affordable LimousinesTemecula wine tours, dinners, luncheon, business environments, sporting events, sightseeing, nightlife, no uber, hospital transfers,  sweet 16, Quince, quincenera, sedans, stretched suv limos, party bus, Las Vegas trips, large group movements, estabilished multiple vehicle trained and uniformed chauffeurs, funeral limo, celebration limo, any and all occasions.

Affordable Limousines makes luxury affordable.

CALL   (951)425.4466

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Limo Temecula (951) 425.4466

Limo Temecula provides Limousine Service at the quality level you expect from any affordable limousine service.

Temecula Limo wine tasting tours     (951) 425.4466

is always your first choice when searching for the best of the Best that your demands require.Limo Temecula

Temecula Limo wine tours has been a specialty of ours since 1986. Our knowledgeable staff has you and your guests entire experience our #1 priority.

Providing both comfort and safety along with quality limousine service that has accomodated Temecula Valley residents along with Temecula Wine Growers a premium quality level of service that is both reliable and affordable.2014 Party Bus

We personally tailor every occasion to meet our client’s needs.

Limo Temecula limousine service.           (951) 425.4466Limo Temecula H2


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Limo Service Temecula are your limotemecula wine country providers for over 30 years. Thank you for choosing the #1 limo service in Temecula wine country.LimoTemecula

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Limo Service Temecula prom service (951) 425-4466

2017 Prom Limo season is here already. Don’t wait till the last minute to reserve your prom limousine now.                  Limo Service Temecula prom service provides affordable limousines to all Temecula students. This is a good time to get your Limo in Temecula and Riverside areas before supplies diminish. Limo Temecula also covers all of the Temecula Wineries. Tourists information is available also. (951)425-4466

When planning an event of any sort, entertaining guests, colleagues, associates or just playing it smart by not driving while intoxicated.  Aside from Temecula Limo wine tours and wine tasting events, Temecula limousine rides can be used for many other occasions. Primarily used for transportation from place to place, limos can spice up both your ride to a party or event and the occasion itself.Temecula car serviceLimousines, or “limos” as they are commonly known, have been around long before the introduction of most luxury cars. These were used way back then for transporting big band leaders and their equipment as well. Before that the stage coach was a form of limousine transportation.

The “stretch” feature of most limousines is what most people favor when buying or renting for ground transportation level needs . Limo Service Temecula prom service offers more space for mobility and certain custom features that make it the perfect ride for parties and other intimate events.                   HAVE THE PERFECT LIMO FOR PROMS.

(951) 425-4466


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